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Wednesday, January 2, 2008

Part 4 – Start Advertise your Product

Starting a New Google Adwords Campaign

Now that you have an Google Adwords account and have chosen a product that you want to promote, you are ready to set up your first Real ad campaign. If you followed the instructions in the section Setting up an Google Adwords Account you will already have a Bogus account that you will need to delete. Once this ad campaign is deleted you can build a new one using the techniques that we will speak about below.

In order to achieve great success with Google Adwords, you need to know how to build campaigns, ad groups, effective adcopy and the right techniques for bidding and finding keywords. All of these tasks need to be done correctly in order for your ad to out perform your competition and build a positive Return on Investment (ROI).

It is very easy to build a campaign, but we would like to offer you some tips that will make things easier in the long run. First, you need to give a name to your campaign that makes sense to you. For instance you could call your campaign Defeating Google Adwords and use it to promote DefeatingGoogle The main reason for having a proper naming scheme is so that when you have several campaigns running it will be easier for you to keep your account organized.

When setting up a campaign it is important to name it properly. Use a name that refers to the product that you are promoting within the campaign. Sometimes, it is a good technique to name the campaign the same as the website url that you are promoting.

When you build your campaign, you are going to have some choice on what settings you use. In the first section (Setting up an Google Adwords account) there are screenshots of how you set up a campaign, but now we are going to tell you how to effectively set up a real campaign.

When you set up a campaign the first thing you should do is turn off the Content network. The reason you want to do this is because for a majority of products the content network does not convert into sales. It does however allow your ad to get a lot of traffic, but the quality of the traffic is usually from Adsense which is plagued with click fraud and untargeted traffic. So, when you get to the following page, turn the content network off, and leave the Search network selected. We will discuss the content network in more detail later.
Another setting that you need to set is your Daily budget. The daily budget allows you to control how much exposure your ads get to the search networks and thus is directly related to how much you pay. For example, if you set your daily budget at $5, Google Adwords will only allow your ads to be displayed until you reach approximately $5 of click charges for the day.
It is important to note that if you set your daily budget below the Recommended Daily Budget that Google Adwords calculates, you may not generate the amount of traffic that the traffic estimator says you could. To achieve maximum traffic from your keywords you need to set your daily budget to at least what Google Adwords recommends.

If you want to achieve maximum exposure and traffic you should set your daily budget much higher then the recommended budget. To achieve maximum traffic you can set your daily budget at 5 or 10 times the recommended daily budget. This will insure that your ads are being displayed 100% of the time and that you are receiving the maximum traffic. Please note that when using this technique there is a possibility that you could spend the amount you set your budget to, but we have never seen this occur. Just monitor your campaign for the first few days to make sure that you do not go over your budget.

Ad Groups

The next step is to build an Ad Group which is just a way to organize your keywords.

The success of your campaign is directly affected by how your Ad Groups perform, thus it is very important to build them properly.

In order to build a high performing campaign you need to build tightly targeted Ad Groups with a small amount of relevant keywords in each. We recommend using up to 25 unique keywords per Ad Group. The idea is to build an Ad Group where your keywords are very relevant to your adcopy (the text within your ad). Many Internet Marketers (your competition) simply enter hundreds of keywords into an Ad Group and hope that it will bring them traffic. The fact of the matter is that you can achieve traffic by using this technique, but you will not achieve the results that you want.

Using such a technique will not outsmart your competition and will adversely affect your Google Adwords Campaign. Google Adwords ranks the quality of your ad based on a variety of factors. Having too many keywords in your Ad Groups will adversely affect your cost per click and ad positioning.

By having the keywords in your ad highly relevant to your ad you will achieve a higher CTR. The CTR is the ratio between how many times your ad is displayed and how many times it is clicked on. If you achieve a 5% CTR then 5 people are clicking on your ad for every 100 times it is displayed.

In order to build highly relevant Ad Groups it is very important to group your keywords together using the Common keyword method. If all keywords have at least one common word you will be able to use this word in your adcopy.In this example we have entered keywords that contain the common keywords music download. Each keyword phrase contains these keywords and will allow us to build a very highly targeted ad to accompany this list. This will be explained in more detail in the next section.

The previous example shows an Ad Group that will achieve a very high CTR. Why you may ask, is CTR important? Google Adwords calculates the quality of your ad based on a number of factors. They call this the Quality Score and it plays a very important role in the positioning and overall effectiveness of your ads. The higher your CTR, the better your quality score will be. The higher your Quality Score is, the less you will pay per click, and the higher your ad will be placed within the search results. If you have a high quality score you could be ranked #1 position in the Google search results while paying less than your competitors. You will be getting more traffic for less, and the quality of your traffic will be higher. What does all of this mean? Better return on investment and more money in your pocket!

Keep the amount of keywords in your Ad Groups below 25, and group them together using common words. Use these common words in your title and description to achieve a better Quality Score.

Six Tricks to make and build most effective ads

The following five strategies (as well as an optional 6th) for writing sales letters, have been instrumental in all of my online success, whether I'm selling my own product or someone elses as an affiliate. You are now about to learn the 5 aspects of every successful website I've ever created.

Trick #1 - Create Hope

Thousands of people search every day for hope . That s right, people buy money-making ebooks, diet ebooks, how-to-gamble ebooks, and many more based purely on hope. 99% of these people will not put these ebooks into action whatsoever. But they have it in their head that if they buy a certain ebook, they will learn a secret that will change their life. And once they finish the book (if they even read it), they don't put it into action because they ultimately find out it takes too much work. Then a month later, they're searching on the internet for the same thing a magic formula for success in a particular facet of life such as money, looks, health, etc. And they gobble up these ebooks like there is no tomorrow... at least the ones that have good ad copy. And the sellers of most of these ebooks rarely reveal anything you don t already know. And they know it. But they offer their money back guarantees because they know that more than 75% of people will put the ebook on the back burner and forget to request a refund.

So, invoking HOPE is the first of 5 aspects I ALWAYS utilize to make a killer website that sells. And you can give people hope in many ways, with many different products, but I find it most effective with informational products, because somehow you can get away with practically promising the world, and then under-delivering. You are basically telling people what they want to hear. However, hope can also apply to physical products, such as a credit card for example. Get your xyz credit card today and re-build your credit quicker . Or how about Order the Pentium 4 xyz computer today and do things on a computer you've never dreamed of. Of course, those sentences aren't really convincing enough to make you get the credit card or computer, but hope itself doesn't sell things. There are 3 more things to add to the puzzle.

Trick #2 - Cause a Sense of Urgency

The second aspect of a killer site that sells is giving people a sense of URGENCY. I'm sure you've seen products for sale that say something like order by midnight tonight and you will receive a $20 discount .

But I guarantee if you go back to that page the next day, it says the same thing. Buyers may even consider that, but do they really want to risk the $20 discount not being there the next day? Chances are, if it s an impulse buy, they won t want to risk waiting and possibly missing out on the deal.

My advice is, instead of doing a by midnight html script that is easily spotted as a fake by most net savvy people, try making a real deadline of say the last day of the month or 2 weeks from now, and hardcode it into the site. After it passes, you can always make a new deadline. Another trick is to say only the next 100 members are being accepted, or something to that effect, and then have an image of 100 crossed out, and a number such as 82 next to it.

Trick #3 - Appear as an Authority

The third aspect of a killer site that sells is to appear as an AUTHORITY. No matter what you are selling, you must appear to be an expert on the subject. As they say, appearances are everything. Why would I want to buy a gambling ebook from a guy that shows evidence that he won $200 at a card game one time? Big deal. You want the ebook from the guy that won $8 million at gambling. An advanced technique is to appear as an unbiased authority. If you can come across as someone who is trying to help, and doesn t really benefit from a sale of the products listed on your site, you are another step ahead of the game. People love to follow the advice of independent reviewers who are just giving their honest opinion of a product. They don't need to know you get a commission for the sale.

Trick #4 - Appear Unbiased

The fourth aspect of a killer site that sells is to appear as an unbiased 3rd party. You can review products as if you are trying to help people make informed decisions without looking like you are affiliated with them. See my sales letter below for a unique example.

Trick #5 - Encourage Fear

The fifth aspect of a killer site that sells is causing FEAR. You can actually instill fear into your visitors, by making them believe that they will face problems ahead if they buy a similar product elsewhere, or if they don't buy yours....NOW. How do you do this? How about this: Get Rich Quick Scams Revealed. Then write an article about many occurrences of get rich quick fraud. But, don t name names. Be general in what you call a scam, because you don t want any legal trouble. Then, after your article, you could say that throughout your comprehensive research for the expos article, you did come across a couple of money making programs that people were repeatedly happy with. You even spoke to the owners of the programs you recommend, etc. and found them to be very honest and straightforward, didn t you?

Well, you just set the hook, now time to push them to the sites you get the highest commission for.

Lets face it, when most people think of what the internet is best known for, they think of porn and scams. Since NOBODY wants to be scammed, you play on that fear.

Trick #6 - Be Very Unusual

If you are selling your own product, you may not be able to use the scam or fear aspects. But the authority and urgency aspects will still work. In addition you need to use the UNUSUAL aspect. This means telling people NOT to buy your product. That s right, encourage them NOT to buy your product until they have tried your competitors products and are unsatisfied with them, as you know they will be. Go back and look at my homepage. Not to boast, but I told you several times NOT to buy this eBook unless you were sick of all the other lame programs out there. It s the same thing when selling your product. Even if your product is not as good as your competitors , it costs more, etc., just using the unusual approach of telling people not to buy your product will work. By convincing them that you want them to go ahead and buy other products that you KNOW will fail them, you automatically earn a sort of loyalty, because you appear that you are not just interested in a sale.

Ad Copy: How to write effective ads

Adcopy is the term Internet Marketers use for the text within an ad (title and description). Using proper adcopy techniques is another very important factor that will determine the success of your ad campaign. There are many techniques that people use when writing the adcopy for their ads, but we teach our members one major technique that always increases CTR and Quality Score.

Example of common keywords

  • Internet Marketing
  • Internet Marketing e-book
  • Internet Marketing website
  • Internet Marketing forum

It is easy to see that the common word is Internet Marketing. Use Internet Marketing in the adcopy as much as you can, but most importantly use it in the title.

The common keyword technique drastically increases your Quality Score as your ad is very targeted and relevant to what the user is searching for. Let s suppose a user does a search in Google for an Internet Marketing e-book. They will be drawn to your ad because your title reads Internet Marketing , and Google will BOLD the keywords that are within your ad that are also within the search query.
If a user does a search and types in Internet Marketing into the search, the left ad will be triggered because all of the common words contain the term Internet

Marketing. When the keywords that trigger your ad are contained in your adcopy they are BOLDED. This dramatically increases CTR and overall quality score. The ad below contains keywords that include common words Download Music. You can see that these words are also BOLD.So why is all the fuss about grouping keywords and having proper adcopy? Your success as an Internet Marketer using Google Adwords is directly related to your Quality Score. Quality Score is determined by how relevant your ads are to the search results that they trigger.

Ad Copy that Sells

There are many different techniques that can be used to write effective ads and we are going to outline these techniques for you.

Call to Action Phrases

Call to action phrases are very important to use in your adcopy. When a call to action phrase is used it notifies the web searcher that they will have to perform some kind of action within the website that they are about to visit. Here is an example of a common call to action phrase:This phrase lets the visitor know that when they visit your site they will be required to sign up. These kind of phrases prepare your visitors for what is offered on your website. In this example, the visitor will be aware that an action ( Sign Up ) is required to Get Started Today.

Wow Factor

Wow factor is when you build a buzz about your ad by using animated phrases. This can help make your ad stand out from all other ads and gain traffic by grabbing the attention of the web surfer. Here is an example of adcopy that includes Wow Factor.
In the previous ad Wow Factor was used to grab the attention of the web searcher.

This technique can get a lot of traffic, but you rely on your webpage to convert the customer into a purchaser. The ad does not really explain what the website is about, so you need to make sure that the website is very clear and easy to understand.

Eliminating Non-Buyers

By displaying the price in the ad it will enable you to eliminate non-buyers from clicking on your ad. Non-buyers are generally people who are looking for information and who are not interested in buying online. Many keywords can generate huge volumes of traffic, but do not convert well into sales. Displaying the price in the ad will help ensure that the people who click on your ad are willing to pay for your product. This is a great technique, and can really help increase your Return on Investment.This ad displays the price on the second description line. When a user reads this they may not decide to click on your ad if they are not interested in paying $47 / month for the service that you are promoting.

Using the three techniques that we have mentioned can increase your Quality Score, drive more traffic to your site, and help you save money by eliminating non-buyers.

So which technique should you use? You could use all three for the same Ad Group to test which adcopy builds the best CTR for your ad.
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